3 Battlezone Season 2 | September 17th @ 4PM EST



⏰ Release Date ⏰

Battlezone Season 2 is releasing on Friday, September 17th at 4PM EST

15 Man, No Allies


⚔️ Battlezone Season 2 ⚔️

  • NEW  Velt Voice!
    • This is our own take on a Minecraft proximity chat experience. Everyone will have access to the /voice command which will allow them to connect to our voice services via our dedicated website. No downloads are required!
  • NEW  Auction House!
    • This will allow you to sell and purchase items to and from other players. Running /ah will bring up the menu. For more information, check out the dev log at the bottom of this post..
  • NEW  Ability Items:
    • Instant Invis:
      • Upon use, you and your armour will turn invisible for 15 seconds, however if you get hit before it expires, it'll remove the invisibility.
    • Drunk Bottle:
      • Hitting a player three times in a row with this ability item will give them slowness and nausea, on top of also providing you with strength two for a short duration.
    • Drainer:
      • Hitting a player three times in a row with this ability item will give them poison two for a decent duration along with providing strength 1 to yourself for a few seconds.
    • Teleport Bow:
      • Self explanatory, 5 seconds after hitting a player with the teleport bow you'll be teleported to their exact location.
    • Inverter:
      • This item is slightly different to our usual ones, the catch being that the lower your health, the better the buffs you'll receive. It'll start off with strength 1 and regeneration 1, however if you end up using it when you're below 3 and a half hearts you'll receive strength 2, regeneration 2 and resistance 1 for some time.
    • Rewind:
      • When used, you'll teleport back to the location you used the rewind item at 15 seconds later. However, if you wish to teleport before the 15 seconds is up, you can use a second rewind item and you'll immediately teleport instead.
    • Guardian Angel:
      • Upon use, this item will grant you with 4 absorption hearts and resistance 1 for 10 seconds.
  • NEW  Custom Enchantments:
    • Death's Touch:
      • If you die whilst having this enchantment equipped on an armor piece, all nearby enemies will receive slowness and poison 2 for a duration which is dependent on the armor level. Each level provides 3 seconds of the debuffs, level 1 being 3 seconds, level 2 being 6 seconds and so on.
    • Fire Fighter:
      • If you have drank a fire resistance potion and someone shoots you with a bow equipped with this enchantment, you'll lose a chunk of the remaining duration from the potion effect. If you're wearing armour that has fire resistance however, the armour will take direct damage instead.
    • Song of Speed:
      • For any class other than bard, this acts as a typical speed enchantment. however, if a bard equips this enchantment, the speed effect given to allies via bard effects will have its duration increased by 50%.
  • Returning Staff Hosted Events:
    • This map will have a lot more events being ran as we've gave two of our staff a community management roll which allows them to delegate out events to be hosted by anyone applicable on the staff team.
  • Returning Blacksmith Kit:
    • The blacksmith kit will be returning to this Battlezone map!

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Now this is cool
Noobsteel  2 months, 2 weeks ago
What a fantastic update filled with lots of new combat content and custom enchantments, can't wait to start playing!
Hilderos  2 months, 2 weeks ago