HI! MAINLYPING HERE! THE ONLY PERM REAPER HAHAHA! <33333333333 ANyway! AFTER 1 year of BEING GONE GONE! I decided to build a WHOLE another computer to work on company things BUT IDK WHY but I DOWNLOADED MINECRAFT AGAIN! AND AND AND I'm sad that this is all coming to an end. This whole entire community to dying! We all knew that from the start but it actually is going downhill pretty bad! I won't never forget the fun times I had at velt! Met a lot of great people! Different lives! Perspectives of different lives people live! I even met this one person who was very special to me! Made good memories and it sucks I had to see her go! Besides that! I hope you all have a successful bright future! Don't ever quit on the goals you want to accomplish for not only for yourself! But for your family :D ADIOS!
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uh,. sure
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