3 Practice Season 6 | September 10th @ 4PM EST



⏰ Release Date ⏰

Practice Season 6 is releasing on Thursday, September 10th at 4PM EST


⚗️ Practice Season 6 ⚗️

  • NEW  Velt Voice!
    • This is our own take on a Minecraft proximity chat experience. Everyone will have access to the /voice command which will allow them to connect to our voice services via our dedicated website. No downloads are required!
  • NEW  Velt Voice Queue!
    • A new voice queue /settings added to prioritise queuing players who're connected to velt voice, this is enabled by default.
  • NEW  Changes to our Skywars Event.
    • Skywars events now have a shrinking border over time. If you end up outside of the border, you'll begin taking damage.
  • NEW  Changes to our Spleef Event.
    • Spleef events will now start auto decaying the top level over time to speed up the gameplay and to combat people camping.

🢂 Check out the Developer Log regarding Practice Season 6 via



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