2 VeltPvP#2 Update Ideas.
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Last time i posted i said this:

We all know that velt once had 7,000 players on at one time which is insane, but we both know that after it shutdown for about a month it died.

**Number 1:** Obviously a new look would be nice, velt has had the same logo since it first opened (if I’m correct) and it’s honesty quite plain and lacking in detail.

**Number 2:** Never seen before Features, Partner Items, Builds, Experiences, velts unity SOTW’s haven’t really gotten the feed-back a you might want to re-think some aspects of the game, such as


All of these things make players want to play and enjoy the server.

In my own opinion I think velt needs to nerf their crates, and take more of vipers approach at the crate system. No pearls No GP etc **Semi Hardcore**

**Number 3:** MEDIA I can’t stress this enough, velt has had some amazing ideas over the past year and it’s sad to see that the recognition for said ideas was never there.

Velt has little to no media that actively


I’ve only seen about 2 media one of them was a famous rank advertising their viper video...

Another thing, when doing updates such as, summer, spring, Halloween, etc ADVERTISE another thing, velt isn’t the server it used to be!!!!

Just recently on legions velt got 620+ players on SOTW and it’s been holding a 200+ player count since, but what happens when the map ends? It goes back to being dead.

**Number 4:** Interact with the community more, host special events, if there’s an upcoming update hold a Q&A.

**Number 5:** Recruit more staff, and although it’s not super important in my opinion velt needs a lot more staff, and the sad fact is that velt has a fraction of the player count of viper and yet I get moved in teamspeak twice as fast, whilst in velt teamspeak I’m stuck waiting for 2+ hours

Feel free to leave any feedback below!
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