13 Promote More Staff!
Dear VeltPvP,
What the flip has happened.... This server once had amazing/active and suddenly it all came to an end? I have never waited in TS for more than 10 minutes for any other server besides Velt! Please get more staff, and especially NA West staff..

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Sincerely, The whole VeltPVP Community

Posted 1 year ago
Sincerely. Just ToxicJolt begging for staff
Kostak  1 year ago
facts was in buy craft support room for over 2 hours
Spawt  12 months ago
I waited over 30 minutes.
EloUp  1 year ago
I am EU although I strongly do agree.
wqh  1 year ago
lKOS said he doesn't wanna rush his ticket system. staff apps coming soon.
Docial  1 year ago
I definitely agree with you on that statement ToxicJolt!
AGOfficial  1 year ago
-1 Toxic just wants staff, dont support it.
DietAvocado  1 year ago
no be quiet toxic
Partnered  1 year ago
They should open staff applications & get a good amount of staff before HCF.
Appu  1 year ago
facts man
SmackCam2  1 year ago
I 2nd this. A server the size of Velt needs proper staff for EU and WNA
N0ZY  1 year ago