4 VeltPvP 1.3 Summer Update | Starting June 10th @ 4PM EST


Hello everyone! Welcome to our VeltPvP 1.3 Summer Update!

We are proud to annouce our 1.3 Summer Update. A lot of work has been put into every aspect of our network. We really hope you will enjoy what we have created. In this post, we'll be going over all of our new additions and changes to our server. This update comes packed full of updates and we are so excited to release it. It's been in the works for a while now, and we can't wait show you guys what we have to offer. This update includes Practice Season 5, the beginning of Battlezone (previously Kitmap), and the return of Legions for Map 3.

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⏰ Release Dates â°

Practice Season 5 is releasing on Thursday, June 10th at 4:00PM EST

Battlezone is releasing on Friday, June 11th at 4:00PM EST

Legions Map 3 is releasing on Friday, June 18th at 4:00PM EST


⚗️ Practice Season 5 âš—️

  • NEW  Added a new ladder called Gulag
    • This new ladder will be the exact same format as our Gulag on HCF, with a variety of maps to try out.
  • NEW  Elo Divisions from last Season will now give you Rubies based on your placement (per ladder).
    • Silver Division = 15 Rubies
    • Gold Division = 30 Rubies
    • Diamond Division = 50 Rubies
    • Emerald Division = 75 Rubies
  • NEW  We are giving lower ranks the ability to host more events.
  • NEW  Minor quality of life changes
    • All types of food now give you the same amount of saturation and hunger restoration. This means that for example a cookie will give the same amount of food as a steak to make customizing your kit less of a disadvantage.
  • HCF Team Fights

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⚔️ Battlezone âš”️

Battlezone was previously named Kitmap. We have renamed this gamemode and made some changes.

  • NEW  Dropdown Spawn
    • This is self-explanatory: the spawn build is above ground where you drop down to the ground to start fighting.
  • NEW  Safezone Teleporters
    • A Safezone Teleporter is a place on the map that you are able to kite / run to, that allows you to teleport to the Safezone (Spawn). You will not be able to teleport if you are in combat.
  • NEW  Points System
    • This sytem will display your points, per player. This is how you can gain and lose points currently:
      • Kill = 5 points
      • Death = -5 points
      • Event Captures (Player who capped) = 15 points
      • Event Captures (other Faction members) = 5 points
    • You can view your points via /points or via a suffix after your username when you type in chat.
  • NEW  Added 2 brand new classes
    • Ninja Kit:
      • This kit has a Ninja Star (Snowball) that you can throw at enemies and it will inflict Debuffs (Slowness and Weakness) and damage the person that is tagged over time (bleeding).
      • This kit also has a blind ability (Inc Sac) that works like a smoke bomb. It blinds the enemies in a radius, but also gives invisibility to teammates in the same radius.
    • Builder Class:
      • This kit replaces Miner and has the same various effects, along with some improvements.
      • This kit also allows for placement of blocks (Dirt, Cobblestone, and Stone) in Warzone. These blocks will will disappear after a few seconds, or can be broken by a teammate with a pickaxe.
  • NEW  Challenges have replaced our previously used Battlepass system
    • This feature is self-explanatory, you complete a challenge and you receive rewards.
  • NEW  Tokens have been replaced with our global currency named Rubies


🏹 Legions Map 3 ğŸ¹

Legions is returning for Map 3. More information and polls regarding this map will be posted in our Telegram group as we get closer to the release on Friday, June 18th at 4:00PM EST.
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