3 Velt Unity SOTW Information | Reclaim Changes 📝

Hello everyone! Welcome to another release of our VeltPvP 1.2 Spring Update!
You can read a more in-depth post regarding our 1.2 update by clicking here.


⏰ Release Date ⏰

Velt Unity releases Saturday, June 5th at 1PM EST

Protection 2, Sharpness 2
SOTW timer: 2 Hours
5 Man, No Allies


🎬 Dev Log #24 🎬

Check out our new Developer Log!
This Dev Log resumes our weekly updates and covers changes that have been made to HCF along with new updates.
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🎬 Dev Log #25 🎬

Check out our new Developer Log!
This Dev Log we will be covering our upcoming Practice Season 5 release!
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💬 General Changes 💬

  • NEW - Reclaims have been changed to Daily Reclaims!
  • NEW - Balance changes have been made to crates!
  • Archer class now receives Resistance 2 (Previously Resistance 1)
  • You can no longer use Kit Tokens in combat
  • Added cooldowns for Kit Tokens
    • Global: 5 Minutes
    • Events: 15 Minute
  • Minor bug fixes
  • ...And more

Check out for all changes that happened in our 1.2 update!



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