6 VeltPvP Suggestions -Furthers
God Apple cooldown reduced to 2h: 3 hours is a bit too much, a lot of the time my faction and others have been on god apple cooldown so we couldn’t use it an hour later for Citadel and it just makes it overly difficult and stressful, everyone would be able to benefit from this. More people would go out base raiding, go to koths more because they can rely on a god apple just in case. It would overall increase amusement and player activity for all.

Outposts: When one faction captures the outpost, it takes so long to uncapture the outpost from the other faction and then re-capture it for your own faction. I suggest only having to re-capture it, instead of having to wait until you bring down the other faction's cap percentage to 0. It takes over 10mins+ to take the other factions capture percentage away and then another 10+ just to re-capture it.

Make it so you can f home automatically in wilderness/on claims during sotw (with sotw timer on obviously)

Ranks + Perms:
Velt rank should be able to access hub restricted + Fly in Practice hub

Create a SOTW pack bundle that comes with: x3 Partner Packages, kit builder (1 time use), kit brewer (1 time use) and kit miner (1 time use)
Make it so someone could buy a *Key All* on the website
Bring back prefixes and add an option to have a custom made prefix for additional money
Add more events on hcf/kitmap like the old days when you would go to a location at spawn for parkour or 1v1s to earn keys/rank upgrades

Do more Tournaments (a few times a month) for a chance to win: a Rank upgrade OR Gift card for store.veltpvp.com etc..
People who you have /ignored shouldn’t be able to join events that you host

Additional Chat Colours: Red, Purple (Dark purple like the reaper rank colour)

Thanks for listening and I hope you take my suggestions into consideration :D
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Good Suggestions
FocusMe  2 months, 3 weeks ago
Nice suggestions! +1
Hilderos  2 months, 4 weeks ago
I have a suggestion! Shutdown VeltPvP! Probably the best thing to happen to this community within the last 3 years!
ignZixxx  1 week, 1 day ago