1 Velt Revamp IDEAS
Volt needs a revamp badly so I made a whole form for the revamp and the things I want.

When you first play the server:
I would like a sort of tour where it shows you the maps and that. I want it to be welcoming like free rank when joining, coins, etc.

Things to keep up the player count:
I recommend having a crate system with crate keys. The crates should be rare, legendary, common, etc. You can get crate keys by voting for the server every 24 hours to help the growth of the server with these 2 things help grow the server. 1 it will make the player want to play more due to the experience and it feels welcoming. 2 the more votes you get is the more your server goes up on server lists.

Things for PVP:
Most Minecraft servers have parties due to some people playing with friends. This will be better than keep going in queue until you get on your friend's server. In PVP you should have a game mode called Aim Practice to practice your aim in PVP, I will also like this for combos as well. While you wait in a queue you should add mini-games like Practice with bots, Parkour, aim practice, spectate matches. While you in-game make the scoreboard say the ping of a player, your ping, etc. You also should add a bar on top of your opponents head saying their health.


I would like the server to patch some bypasses with the anti-cheat there is a hacked client called Sigma (DONT CHEAT) and it has a fly bypass, kill aura bypass, and everything. The anti-cheat needs to ban players earlier I was pvping and some guy was hacking so god Dam Much for 30 minutes and then he got banned.

Spawn: Not to be mean or anything the spawn looks morning for me. The lighting is weird, the building doesn't look like a normal server that has 200 players.

Chat filters:
Make it more child-friendly people bypass the filters easily. If someone says something toxic like "Trash, Easy, Loser, So bad, Etc", replace it with nice things.

(Form won't let me type more lol)
Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago
I kind of agree but the chat filter thing nahhhhhhh
dgs555  2 weeks, 5 days ago
Most of these are implemented already, but you can make a suggestion in discord!
Hazzay  2 weeks, 4 days ago