2 Teammates unfairly banned for cheating on stream
Okay so my teammates on this unity map we Jhalts(banned), FileExtension(banned), Ratine(not banned), and me(also not banned)

We were all playing velt legit because we actually enjoyed the server my teammate FileExtension who is the hacked client developer uncodable on his client playing legit with a safeguard feature so he physically can NOT turn any cheats on. In his stream that is now privated because he leaked private information he was getting comments saying "LOL ur cheating" and shit like that even though he has a safeguard feature that makes it so he can't turn cheats on which he mainly had on for the stream. So uncodable playing legit gets banned for using a hacked client when he wasn't cheating at all. No module was turned on at all. Then Jhalts the leader of the faction who was on when uncodable got banned was also banned for the same reason when he wasn't even streaming which is bullshit and unfair Jhalts went in ts asking for why he got banned which then they gave him the cheating on stream reason when he wasn't cheating or streaming. Then he gets moved out goes back in and gets "Associating with a banned player:" Shouldn't be a thing because of how many banned players have friends that were online when they got banned.

TLDR: Half of my faction got unfairly permanently banned from the VeltPVP network.
Posted 1 month ago
qtSwag  1 month ago
You can make an appeal @ -> Punishment Appeal
NoLogs  1 month ago