12 VeltPvP 1.2 Spring Update | March 20th @ 1:00PM EST


Hello everyone! Welcome to our VeltPvP 1.2 Spring Update!


We are proud to annouce our 1.2 update. A lot of work has been put into every aspect of our network, ranging from HCF features and changes, to builds, to general updates. We really hope you will enjoy what we have created. In this post, we'll be going over all of our new additions and changes to our server. This update comes packed full of HCF updates and we are so excited to release it. It's been in the works for a while now, and we can't wait show you guys what we have to offer. We have named our HCF server, instead of having multiple different names based on the faction size, we now have a name for our HCF server, Velt Unity!


⏰ Release Date ⏰

Velt Unity releases Saturday, March 20th at 1PM EST

Protection 2, Sharpness 2
SOTW timer: 2 Hours
5 Man, No Allies


💸 Reclaims, Lives, Crates 💸

We have added back lives and reverted back to the regular reclaim system, where you can only reclaim once per map via /reclaim.
The new reclaims are as follows:

  • Sapphire:
    Keys: 3x Rare Keys, 2x Spring Keys, 1x Ultra Key
    Lives: 10x Soulbound lives, 5x Friend lives
  • Emerald:
    Keys: 5x Rare Keys, 3x Spring Keys, 2x Ultra Keys
    Lives: 20x Soulbound, 10x Friend lives
  • Ruby:
    Keys: 8x Rare Keys, 5x Spring Keys, 3x Ultra Keys, 1x Legendary Key
    Lives: 30x Soulbound, 20x Friend lives
  • Velt:
    Keys: 12x Rare Keys, 7x Spring Keys, 5x Ultra Keys, 3x Legendary Keys
    Lives: 45x Soulbound, 30x Friend lives
  • Velt+:
    Keys: 22x Rare Keys, 9x Spring Keys, 6x Ultra Keys, 5x Legendary Keys, 1x Partner Package
    Lives: 60x Soulbound, 40x Friend lives
  • Reaper:
    Keys: 24x Rare Keys, 12x Spring Keys, 8x Ultra Keys, 7x Legendary Keys, 2x Partner Packages
    Lives: 75x Soulbound, 50x Friend lives
    Note: If you have Reaper + another rank, you will get both reclaims.

We have also added brand new crates, completely made from the ground up. These crates are also cheaper, giving more players the opportunity to use items from our crates.


🏹 Pearls, Partner Packages, Supply Drops 🏹

New Pearls have been implemented, completely remade, and they're better than ever before. We focused a lot of time and effort into our pearls, as we believe that this is an important feature in HCF.

Partner Packages have added! You are now able to support your favorite Partner by selecting them when you purchase a Partner Package. The old Partner crate has been removed and replaced with the new Partner Packages.

Supply Drops have been added! We added back our Supply Drops with Discord integration which means that you can see when and where the Supply Drop is going to land by checking out our Discord channel.


💎 Rubies (Global Currency) 💎

We have added a global currency called Rubies. You will be able to gain Rubies from competing in various events such as KOTHs, Supply Drops, and more. This currency can be used in many ways, for example to activate KOTHs, Supply Drops, purchase keys, or even ability items. They can also be used on Practice to host events, meaning that this is a currency usable on almost every server and will be carried over from map to map. 



🔓 Ban Reset 🔓

Most bans will be reset by Friday at 11PM EST.
This is not a normal ban reset. Here's how it works:
We had 2 ban resets in 2020, if you were unbanned via both of those ban resets, and have been banned afterwards, you will not be unbanned. If you do not fall under this category, you will be unbanned. The reasoning for this is to eliminate the initial wave of cheaters that always come back after unban alls to improve the initial experience for everyone coming back. If you find you are still banned and feel that you shouldn't be, feel free to appeal on the website or our discord.



💬 General Changes 💬

  • Outposts returning
  • Vote rewards
  • KOTH loot changes
  • Tournament loot changes
  • Citadel/Conquest loot changes
  • Ability item changes
  • Gulag changes
  • Supply Drop loot changes
  • Gkit changes



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