2 Practice Season 4 this Friday @ 4PM EST (HCF Team Fights)
Greetings all,
Welcome to Practice Season 4! We have some brand new features in store for you!
• Season 4 begins this Friday @ 4PM EST.

• Season 3 ends Today (Wednesday) @ 7PM EST.

Changes and Feature List for Practice Season 4:

★ Fixed Durability in Box Fights - Previously, helmets would break way too early into fights (especially for classes/kits), making it a pretty unrealistic experience when compared to Legions, so we made it 1:1 with our HCF and now it should feel the exact same as it does on Legions.

★ Fixed Saturation / Hunger Loss - Same as the above, you’d lose hunger way too fast in comparison to HCF, so we made it 1:1 again!

★ Fixed Bard Regeneration - Previously, (in terms of Practice) when holding passive regen for allies it wouldn’t actually heal them over time, we made changes to this and it should hopefully be 1:1 with the fix made on HCF/Legions now.

★ Disabled Pearls at Citadel Box Fight Maps - As this was a frequently requested change, we went ahead and added an additional check to our arena management system allowing us to disable pearling on Citadel fights to make it as close to the Legions experience as possible.

★ We have added a lot of new builds for HCF Team Fights, Events, and other ladders. Make sure you check them out!

★ A Developer Log going over all of our new features, check it out!

If you have any suggestions/features you'd like to see added be sure to comment them below!
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