1 Velt | Trios SOTW this Saturday @ 1PM EST!
Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!

★ Mini EOTW is this Friday, January 8th @ 5PM EST!
➥ Capper will receive a Rank Upgrade for 7 days!
➥ Faction members will receive VIP Status for 7 days!

★ Trios SOTW is this Saturday, January 9th @ 1PM EST!

More information regarding all of our Winter updates/changes can be found here:

Map Information:
• Map Kit: Protection 2, Sharpness 2
• Team Size: 3 Man, No Allies
• SOTW Timer: 2 Hours
• Classes: Archer, Bard, Rogue & Miner are enabled.
• Custom Enchantments

★ Events on Saturday, January 9th:
• 1:30PM EST - Key All
• 2:00PM EST - Key All
• 2:30PM EST - Key All
• 2:55PM EST - Key All
• 3:00PM EST - First KOTH
• 4:00PM EST - First Faction Tournament

★ Velt Creator Codes:

We also made some changes to Partner abilities and Media requirements. Information can be found here:

If you have any suggestions/features you'd like to see added be sure to comment them below!
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