6 Velt | Squads SOTW this Friday @ 4PM EST (Arcane Styled HCF)
Hey everyone! 💜
Introducing Velt Squads - Arcane styled HCF.
We have received a lot of requests to run a map similar to how we ran Arcane Squads, so that is exactly what we are doing!
Bringing back some old builds, styles, and terrain to give you the best possible experience. Our goal is to release everything that you want, so feel free to reach out and give feedback!

★ Squads SOTW is this Friday, December 18th @ 4PM EST!

Map Information:
• Team Size: 12 Man, No Allies
• Map Kit: Protection 2, Sharpness 2
• 1 Hour Starting Timer
• Map Length: 2 Weeks
• Events: KOTH, Citadel, Tournaments & more
• Classes: Archer, Bard, Rogue & Miner are enabled

★ Ranks:
The only rank on Squads currently is Soldier, along with our global Reaper rank which will receive Soldier perks.
Soldier will come with a reclaim giving you 3 Soldier Keys & 2 Friend Lives. It will also play a role in the deathban system which is covered down below.

★ Crates:
There will only be two crates for this first map. The Soldier crate, which is exclusive to Soldier reclaim and similar to Arcane's Bronze crate with a few minor changes.
The second crate is the seasonal Winter crate, which is a modified variant of the Gold crate from Arcane and is only obtainable through the store at a price of $5.49 for a set of 3.

★ New Team Deathbans:
We are running a modified deathban system on Squads. These deathbans are called “Team Deathbans” and will function in a unique manner. The default deathban is 10 minutes with each death of a team member increasing the deathban by 3 minutes. If you are not in a faction, your deathban will be 30 minutes.

Let’s give an example. Acrolect and I are in a faction. He quickdrops first and is deathbanned for 10 minutes. I follow shortly after and am deathbanned for 13 minutes.

Ranks also have a factor in deathban duration. Each rank that is online in your faction reduces the total deathban of your entire faction. Starting out, Soldier rank will offer a 5% reduction with a limit of 50%.

Let’s have another example. Joakim, Acrolect and I are in a faction and both Joakim and I have Soldier rank. This means that there is a 10% deathban reduction when Acrolect quickdrops, giving him a 9 minute deathban instead of a 10.

These deathbans reset daily and are our first attempt at a more team oriented feature set that we are interested in seeing the communities response to. If you have suggestions or feedback on this system, please join our discord as we always like to hear what players think.

★ Faction Focus:
Added /f focus (faction name) - this will the name change color of entire faction.
You can unfocus the faction via /f unfocus (faction name).

If you have any suggestions/features you'd like to see added be sure to comment them below!
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im hyped for this owo
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