4 Practice Season 3 this Friday @ 4PM EST (Brand New Features)
Greetings all,
Welcome to Practice Season 3! We have some brand new features in store for you!
• Season 3 begins this Friday @ 4PM EST.

• Season 2 ends Today (Wednesday) @ 7PM EST.

Changes and Feature List for Practice Season 3:

★ Redesigned Practice Hotbar - We’ve consolidated most buttons into two. You now have your “Profile” button, where you can gain access to cosmetics, the kit editor and your statistics. You may also notice you only have one sword now as well. This is now called the Play button. Opening this will bring up a menu giving you access to fight unranked, ranked, or bot matches. There is also a new button known as the Duel Board.

★ Duel Board - This will be an additional option available once you right click the Play button which makes it easier for players who enjoy kb selection and underplayed kit types to find matches. It'll work as follows:

When you select the "Duel Board" option via the Play button mentioned above, you will now have the ability to create your own custom duel configuration (editing kb type, kit type and potion speed) by selecting the Duels option under the "Play" button. Once created, players will be able to head to the Duel Board and left click on your player head.

This will result in them sending a duel to you with the duel config you had just created. Your config doesn't get removed after each duel, the only time it will be deleted is when you either log out, or manually delete it via the menu.

This makes it so people can duel you repeatedly with ease, without you having to spam "duel me in X kit with Y kb" for example. It also gives players extra opportunities to duel one another with kits that typically aren't as common e.g Archer or Parkour.

★ Elo Divisions - There are currently 5 elo divisions, being Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald. The requirements to reach each ELO Division in order are as follows:

Bronze: 1000 ELO
Silver: 1200 ELO
Gold: 1400 ELO
DIamond: 1600 ELO
Emerald: 1800 ELO

Your elo division will be shown on the scoreboard along with being displayed above your name when playing a ranked match (whilst on Lunar). If you wish to disable the elo division above a player’s head, go to your /settings menu to disable it!

★ A Developer Log going over all of our new features, check it out!

If you have any suggestions/features you'd like to see added be sure to comment them below!
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