4 VeltPvP 1.0 | Medium SOTW this Saturday @ 1PM EST (NEW FEATURES)
Hey Everyone!

We have added some brand new HCF features! Read below for more details.
We have also recently partnered with Lunar Client! This allows us to add different features for players that are on Lunar Client, and this is what we've done!
We highly value your feedback and we'd love to hear your thoughts, concerns & suggestions down below 👇
Now onto this week:

★ Mini EOTW is this Friday, October 16th @ 5PM EST!
➥ Capper will receive a Rank Upgrade for 14 days!
➥ Faction members will receive VIP Status for 7 days!

★ Medium SOTW is this Saturday, October 17th @ 1PM EST!

Map Information:
• Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1
• Team Size: 8 Man, No Allies
• SOTW Timer: 2 Hours
• Classes: Archer, Bard, Rogue & Miner are enabled.
• Custom Enchantments

★ Events on Saturday, October 17th:
• 1:30PM EST - Key All
• 2:00PM EST - Key All
• 2:30PM EST - Key All
• 2:55PM EST - Key All
• 3:00PM EST - First KOTH
• 4:00PM EST - First Faction Tournament

★ Events on Sunday, October 18th:
• 2:00PM EST - Key All
• 3:00PM EST - Citadel


- Developer Log going over our new features:

➥ Turn in your spare gear for a new item, Scrap!
➥ Spend 25 scrap to get armor or weapons with custom enchants or even above map kit level Protection/Sharpness
➥ Spend 75 Scrap to have a 50% chance to upgrade the Protection/Sharpness level of an item to one level above map kit.

VIP Vault:
➥ Run the command /vipvault or /vv at spawn or in your claim as VIP to open this vault. You can store up to 3 items with varying limitations. These items will transfer from map to map!

VIP Potion Retention:
➥ When drinking a potion, there's a 30% chance to keep the potion item.

Stone Blaster:
➥ A new ability item only available via kit starter! This pickaxe will only break stone/cobblestone and will break all stone/cobblestone in a 3x3x3 cube around the block you broke!
➥ We are using this as a test for our new Abilities plugin! If you find any errors, please let us know!


We have added in a few Lunar Client features for this map. We will continue to add in more and more Lunar Client features and perks based off of your feedback and suggestions.

Our current Lunar Client Features:
• /f rally - set in-game waypoint for your faction (Captain and above)
• KOTH Waypoints - when a KOTH is activated, a waypoint will appear
• Faction name and DTR information will display above every player's name. You can also choose where you want this to be display, either above their name, or below. You do this in /settings
• You will receive a slightly higher queue priority when you are on Lunar Client
• You will receive bonus items such as keys during our Key Alls.
Developer Log explaining our Lunar Client Features -

★ Gulag! We heard all of your concerns with our current Gulag system, and we listened! Dev Log -

Changes & Features for MediumHCF:
➥ Revamped Deathbans -
➥ Faction Tournaments! -
➥ Gulag Changes -
➥ Bug fixes related to Faction Tournaments!
➥ Faction Vaults! - /f vault
➥ Pearling through string & fence gates enabled.
➥ Gulag! Giving you a second chance to avoid a costly deathban!
➥ /kit pvp to allow you to get back into the action faster!

If you have any suggestions/features you'd like to see added be sure to comment them below!
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