2 VeltPvP 1.0 | Kitmap SOTW this Friday @ 4PM EST (Lunar Client)
Hello Kitmap Players!

Welcome to our Kitmap Season 2 release . We have made a some good changes all around. We hope you all enjoy our new balanced changes and our brand new builds.
In this post, we'll be going over our release date, new features and changes to Kitmap. We are happy to annoucne once again that we will have another Paypal reward for first place!

1st - $100 PayPal
2nd - $150 Buycraft
3rd - $75 Buycraft

★ Kitmap EOTW is this Thursday, October 1st @ 5 PM EST!
➥ Capper will receive a Rank Upgrade!
➥ Faction members will receive VIP Status for 7 days!

★ Kitmap SOTW is this Friday, October 2nd @ 4PM EST!

➔There will be multiple Key All’s following the release of KitMap.
➔ We'll also be giving away Gift Cards following the release, so make sure you're on to grab one!

Faction Size: 10 Man Teams
Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1
SOTW Timer: 1 Hour
Classes: Archer, Bard, Rogue, Builder, Silencer & Blacksmith are enabled
Claim Border: 500 Blocks

Our current Lunar Client Features:
• /f rally - set in-game waypoint for your faction (Captain and above)
• KOTH Waypoints - when a KOTH is activated, a waypoint will appear
• Faction name and DTR information will display above every player's name. You can also choose where you want this to be display, either above their name, or below. You do this in /settings
• You will receive a slightly higher queue priority when you are on Lunar Client
• You will receive bonus items such as keys during our Key Alls.
Developer Log explaining our Lunar Client Features -

➤ Weekly balance reviews:
We will go over feedback from players every Sunday and make the appropriate changes to balance out the map. We are doing this because it gives us the opportunity to try new concepts without ruining the entirety of the map. Feel free to give us feedback in our Discord:

Features & Change-log:
★ Battle Pass!
★ New killstreaks!
★ Archer Upgrades!
★ Brand new classes!
★ Removed Protection 3!
★ Added a brand new Crate!
★ Removed the Kangaroo Ability!
★ Removed /f upgrades for faction slots!
★ F Top Factions will be displayed at spawn with an NPC!
★ VIP Status players now receive a 35% money bonus on kills!
★ VIP Status players have a 50% cooldown reduction on Donator Kits!

Be sure to stay updated and join any giveaways we host in our socials below:
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Visit our Store:

We hope you’re happy with all these changes and look forward to seeing you on Friday at 4PM EST!
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