2 RoyalHCF Recruitment // POWERFAC
⍟Royal is Recruiting For Infernal and Kitmap
◇Required For Infernal is Pyro+,If not You have To have POVS or PFS
◇Must Have a Working Mic!
◇Must Be Active and Mostly On when we Need you
◇Looking for Archers/Rogues/Bards/Base Bitches/Diamonds
◇Required for Kitmap is Any rank Must be good, and Rarely die with good KDR,WILL BE TESTED!
◇Active For Koths,Teamfights,and Road PVP
◇Must be able to Call in Discord
◇No Quickdroppers for Kitmap

Since Velt is now partnered with Lunar, we will be playing kits for the F TOP and we will be playing HCF.

We play any HCF server that is easy to get F TOP, we play VIPER, HCRIVAL, and we play NYROPVP. We will be playing VELTPVP in the future.
Posted 1 month, 1 week ago
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