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4 Velt NEEDS A Revamp Pt.3
Read part 2 if not done so
Legend kit is full Prot 2 Sharp 2, and has every single custom enchant on the server, it should be Sharp 2, and possibly boots and helmet P2 with fire resistance and speed as a custom enchant with hellforged, but not everything, the rest should be gotten from koth loot. It needs a hard nerf.

Next idea:
Citadel or conquest or both. Citadel and Conquest were the best parts of the map on hcf, it made a lot of people get on to want to contest it because the reward for it is amazing, its the greatest thing on a map besides EOTW. One of these should be added back to make the map a little more interesting.

Next idea:
Construction, construction is useless, I was talking to someone who got warned because of allying which you literally need to do to get someone decent loot. You need to have four different factions all combat tagged on the capping area for it to change tier's of loot, you can not get to tier 3 without allying with anyone which I find kind of dumb and should be gotten rid of completely, it doesn't bring much to the server at all

Next idea:
Koth loot is kind of dumb in my opinion, you can't get all the pieces from koth loot you need Tier 2 and Tier 3 keys which can only be gotten from Construction which you need to be allying with someone to get P2 Chestplate or leggings.
I will most likely be adding more parts to this later on but I'm out of ideas currently. Upvote if you think some of these ideas should be added
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