8 VeltPvP 1.0 ­čĺą
Hey everyone!
Welcome to the VeltPvP 1.0 update!
We know we've been quiet for some time in regards to updates for Velt. We are now proud to announce our 1.0 update.
A lot of work has been put in to every aspect of the network, ranging from HCF, Practice, builds, and general updates.
We really hope all of you will enjoy what we've created as much as we do!
In this post, we'll give you a summary of the updates, along with linking you to our specific server updates.

Our Trailer:
Be sure to check out our Trailer and enter our giveaways on Twitter.
Would you like to uploading our Trailer? Check out this document:

Now, here's all the information regarding HCF & Practice for this weekend's releases:

Ôśů All mutes & bans will be wiped this Thursday, August 20th @ 11:59 PM EST!

Ôśů Our Practice will release this Friday, August 21st @ 4PM EST, read about the Practice update here:

Ôśů MiniHCF will release this Saturday, August 22nd @ 1PM EST, read about the HCF update here:

Stay up to date in regards to Velt by following us on all social media:
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If you have any suggestions, feel free to reply to this post!
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Hazzay  1┬ámonth ago
Excited for this one!
Spyna  1┬ámonth ago
Prazo  1┬ámonth ago
Teaches  1┬ámonth ago
Appportioned  1┬ámonth ago
Parchedd  1┬ámonth ago
specLOL  1┬ámonth ago
Oh wow.
Scvries  1┬áweek, 1┬áday ago
GG !!!
Durkio  1┬ámonth ago
Fautor  1┬ámonth ago
ngl this server is never gonna be good again tbh. always gonna die in a day.
onetapsu  1┬ámonth ago
hype ?
Adzm  1┬ámonth ago