4 VeltPvP 1.0 - Practice Release this Friday @ 4PM EST
Greetings all,
Welcome to Practice Season 1! A lot of planning and work has gone into this update so we hope it you'll all enjoy it!
Season 1 begins this Friday @ 4 PM EST.

Changes & Features for Practice:
★ Optimized Bots - completely recoded from scratch, bots will be updated more and more over the course of upcoming practice seasons.
★ Practice Events Updates - the following events were added: Parkour, Spleef, War & Thimble!
★ Revised Knockback - autowtap removed & drastically increased values overall.
★ KB Selection - you now have the option to duel on your preferred kb with friends in the following kits: NoDebuff, Debuff, Axe, BuildUHC, Soup & Gapple
★ Updated Potions - speeds slightly increased for the default kb profile.
★ Parkour Ladder now supports ranked.
★ Gapple and Soup ladders are returning.
★ Ranked NPC's - these NPC's that're gathered around spawn will showcase the top 3 players in a specific ladder and they will rotate between every ranked ladder available.
★ Daily & Weekly NPC's - on a similar basis to the ranked NPC's, these ones instead will be showcasing the top 3 players for Daily & Weekly wins & winstreaks.

There is more coming to Practice Season 1 following the release. We look forward to seeing you this Friday @ 4 PM EST.
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