5 KITMAP Release - Friday @ 4PM EST!
Hello Kitmap Players!

Welcome to our Kitmap release. We have done a lot of balance changes based off of your feedback. We hope you all enjoy our new balanced changes and builds. In this post, we'll be going over our release date, current features and changes to Kitmap.
This map we have Buycraft F Top prizes!

1st: $200 Buycraft
2nd: $125 Buycraft
3rd: $50 Buycraft

➤ EOTW: Thursday, July 30th @ 5PM EST
➔ Capper will receive a Rank Upgrade!
➔ Faction members will receive VIP Status for 7 days!

➤ SOTW: Friday, July 31st @ 4PM EST

There will be multiple Key All’s following the release of KitMap that will occur at:
• 4:30 PM EST
• 5:00 PM EST
• 5:30 PM EST

★ We'll also be giving away Coupon Codes following the release, so make sure you're on to grab one!

Faction Size: 15 Man Teams
Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1
SOTW Timer: 1 Hour
Classes: Archer, Bard, Rogue & Miner are enabled
Claim Border: 500 Blocks

Polls Results from our Discord!

What faction size would you like us to run next map?
➤ 78% = 15 Man Factions

Which Event would you prefer on Kitmap?
➤ 73% = Conquest

Battle Pass:
We’re adding a brand new system known as the Battle Pass, this will replace the current challenge system we offer. There are 13 Free Tiers of challenges for this first map with loads of rewards. All players have access to these 13 Free Tiers.
We also have VIP Tiers made just for players with VIP Status. To have access to the VIP Battle Pass Tiers you will be required to be a VIP Status player (Which you can purchase off Here you can win do challenges and receive loads of different rewards.
To open this menu, type the following command:

Archer Upgrades:
★ Python (25 Kills) - Your arrows have a chance to give an enemy Poison for 5 seconds
★ Medusa (50 Kills) - Your arrows have a chance to give an enemy Slowness for 10 seconds
★ Hades (75 Kills) - Your arrows have a chance to set an enemy on Fire (This fire will bypass fire resistance)
★ Apollo (100 Kills) - Your arrows have a chance to give an enemy Nausea for 10 seconds
★ Zeus (150 Kills) - Your arrows have a chance to send an enemy flying (roughly 3-6 blocks up)
★ Aergia (200 Kills) - Your arrows have a chance to give an enemy Mining Fatigue for 10 seconds
★ Venus (250 Kills) - Your arrows have an extremely low chance to remove an enemies helmet

Kitmap Cosmetics:
We’ve added player Cosmetics to KitMap! VIP status players will now have access to particles and gadgets that are only usable/displayable within Spawn.
You can also obtain particles and gadgets through our Battle Pass!

A new use for money! Raffles will happen every 60 minutes on KitMap and allow players to pay a fee for a chance to be entered to win a special prize. We recently fixed the issue where the same player can join the raffle more than once. This is now limited to 1.

A brand new feature to get exclusive/rare items but sells these items at limited stock. Announcements are made in chat informing players when and what is restocked in the Blackmarket and how many of the items are up for sale. The Blackmarket holds a variety of items, ranging from Potion Refill Tokens to vote keys to P2 armor. Make sure to check regularly to see what is in stock! Tokens are the currency used by the Blackmarket.

Trial Rank Crate:
This brand new crate will give you a temporary rank These ranks will be limited to Kitmap. You can get Trial Rank Crate Keys from our brand new Battle Pass system which you can read about above.

Weekly balance reviews:
We will go over feedback from players every Sunday and make the appropriate changes to balance out the map. We are doing this because it gives us the opportunity to try new concepts without ruining the entirety of the map. Feel free to give us feedback in our Discord:

Features & Change-log:
★ New killstreaks
★ New bounty rewards
★ New Trial Rank Crate
★ New Battle Pass system
★ New ways to earn Tokens
★ Brand new terrain & builds
★ Changes to the Blackmarket
★ Changes to the Raffle system
★ Fixed a lot of bugs with coinflips
★ Removed Weaponry & Armory Crate
★ Ability cooldowns now display on your scoreboard
★ VIP Status players now receive a 35% money bonus on kills
★ VIP Status players have a 50% cooldown reduction on Donator Kits
★ Holograms will be displayed at Spawn with the F Top, Highest Kills & Most Deaths

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We hope you’re happy with all these changes and look forward to seeing you on Friday at 4PM EST!
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