2 Kitmap SOTW stratergys!
Hey guys, I'm currently waiting in queue for kitmap SOTW, I've been hearing many people complain about them having a bad claim, Since SOTW is soon I'l be happy to share my tips to get a good claim. First of all you need others to help you that is key. Second tip is to do kit archer pearl and put sugar in your inv while the pearl is landing start running as fast as u can dont jump, do the sugar once you hit 35 energy once you pearl again do /f claim while the pearl is landing once you hit 500 down road f claim 2 corners make sure its a good size i would rather have a big claim rather than a claim first road but 5x5 from there on you got yourself a claim. If you think you need a rank to get a good claim that isnt fully needed. A rank helps loads i mean it try to get a velt+ to run or above. But if you got a default rank running its possible to get a good claim for example a random that was a solo got first claim down road so its possible gl with your claim and pce guys!
Posted 1 month ago
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