1 Fix Spawners and Enable brewing 4 Debuffs,, Making Kitmap better
You gotta go in TS everytime u buy a spawner to have them fix it from a pig Spawner.. And I have no clue why debuff brewing has been disabled.. And the ability to get Custom Enchant and Ability keys is way too hard. Can take people all map just to get 1 Hellforged or Speed2 book.. Whats even the point? Then you spend IRL money, and you dont even get the books you need or want? Makes no sense. I am against how P2W and OP Kitmap already is, and its just getting further and further from Vanilla Minecraft. cant even brew anymore or get Spawners.. And if you do enable brewing again, make mobs more common or that they spawn more so people can reasonably get GP from creepers without AFKing for a whole day waiting for them to spawn randomly.

My Opinion for reviving Kitmap..(or just making it a better experience for all people playing)

1.) Make Kitmap less OP and P2W... If everyone is more equal, people who are not donators and frequent players are likely to come back if there is less gap between everyone.
2.) Enable full Custom enchants to everyone like in HCF or just disable them.(Or possibly revamp and create new and better CE's(something new))
3.) Too many crates with too many items.. Get rid of so many crates with all types of super OP loot. New people log on and are up against dudes with p3 and s3-4-5, its too much
4.) Eliminate Giant Power Factions.. 30-man Facs on Kitmap absolutely dominate Kitmap so there is very little competition or incentives for anyone else. You got 2-4 big facs and no
one else. Citdel and Koths become Giant cluster f's that go on for hours and hours between 1-2-3 Facs and thats it.. At least if Facs were reduced to below 10 you could have more
competition and more people competing with a chance to win. A possible solution to Koth clusters(if they start to happen even with small facs) is to hold multiple at the same
time so facs are more spread out and contesting different areas.
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Thank u!
N0ZY  21 hours ago
Your suggestions and ideas will be reviewed and taken into consideration!
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