1 Ultimate FPS boost guide.
I heard many players are complaining of having low FPS, I've been working with computers for a while now so I'm happy to sure my tips. Some background about Kicel. He works with computers and helped multiple players fps some people that he helped were karoo aka nigoogalers, F0lding, Thebestsniperer, LepotYT and many more. The method I am about to show is Kicel's method so please don't take credit for this. First thing this is an obvious one, install a fps client I personally recommend Lunar client, but options like pvplounge, badlion, hyperium also work but lunar client gives the most fps and is #1 client used on veltpvp and most other servers. My second tip on my guide is to change your minecraft settings. For this part I will just show screenshots on what to set your minecraft settings (if you are more desperate for fps you can even lower the settings even more, you can change the settings a bit for personal preference but these are the best settings for fps.) Here are the screenshots, and Those were all the settings that are best for fps if your really desperate you can change the full screen mode to different resolution. My third tip is to change your power plan to High performance to this, on the bottom left go to search bar and search "power' click on the one that says "Edit a Power Plan" once you done that go to the top and click Power Options, once you done that press show additional plans, and there you go you should see High performance right there all you got to do is choose it as your current power plan. I recommend editing the plan by pressing Change plan settings and changing how fast the computer gets shut down after not using it.. My 4th tip on my guide is to use malware bytes as a antivirus, it is free and in my opinion the best antivirus. I have many more things to say but there is a word limit... If you need more help than this my discord is Kice#5519
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Really enjoyed this tty.
SeniorMC  1 day, 11 hours ago
I used to record videos with 45 fps but now I can record in 120
W4TERSLIDE  2 days, 5 hours ago
ty worked
Subtask  2 days, 17 hours ago
Here is proof that it works!
Kicel  2 days, 22 hours ago