1 I gotta know wtf I was banned for and also why my appeal was den
I am just playing some kitmap trying some new traps and then I was running from someone and got banned, It said I got kicked for flying, still don't know what I was banned for tho, I do have terrible wifi and average like 200-300 ping on the server maybe that's a cause. MY APPEAL WAS DENIED JUST WANNA KNOW THE REASON I WAS BANNED AND KINDA THE REASON MY APPEAL WAS DENIED. "You account has been suspended form the VeltPvP network" doesn't help me on my appeal for the reason and "appeal denied" doesn't help me know what I did wrong in the appeal.
Posted 1 month, 1 week ago
You may have been glitching within a block.
pugzyy  1 month ago
True, but people in my traps pearl glitch into blocks all the time and never get anti cheat banned or something like that.
VacuolateBeef24  1 month ago
Btw I use Badlion Client and anyone near my base knows I'm shit at pvp.
VacuolateBeef24  1 month, 1 week ago