3 UHCF SOTW, Legions SOTW, Trios SOTW - Velt's Summer Update #2
Greetings all,
I hope you have all been enjoying our releases this past week. It is now time for this weekends upcoming releases. For this weekend we have UHCF Map 2, Trios & Legions releasing. Below you will be able to read all the releases information.
UHCF Map 2:
UHCF has server specific ranks, purchase them here https://store.veltpvp.com/category/uhcf-ranks

EOTW: Friday, May 29th @ 1PM EST.
SOTW: Saturday May 30th @ 1PM EST.
Key All’s: Saturday, May 30th @ 2PM EST, 3PM EST, 4PM EST and 5PM EST.

Map Kit: Protection 2, Sharpness 3
Team Size: 8 Man
SOTW Timer: 2 Hours.
Classes: Bard & Miner are enabled.

Features & Change Log:
★ UHC Healing. Healing only via Golden Apples.
★ Spawn Mine, ores will respawn every 60 seconds.
★ Enderchests are now usable by players.
★ Invisibility now works.
★ Golden Apples are now craftable.
★ Bard fixes – Bard no longer has regeneration and can no longer give passive regeneration.
★ New Bard Abilities
- Healthbag - Give yourself regeneration 6 for 4 seconds when clicked.
- Absorption - Gives 4 hearts of absorption when clicked.
- Regeneration - Passive regeneration to teammates, regeneration 3 when clicked.
- Speed - Gives Speed 1 when held & when clicked gives speed 2.
- Jump Boost
★ /shop – A lot of fixes made & prices modified.
★ /pots – Trade ingredients you farm in end for Potions (Invisibility, Speed & Fire Resistance).
★ Nether Disabled.
And a lot more bugfixes..

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday @ 1PM EST.
Legions will be having its first official map, with no spawned in bases. We have made a lot of changes to speed up gameplay and make setting up for factions a lot easier.

SOTW: Saturday, May 30th @ 3PM EST.
Team Size: 30 Man Teams.
Map Kit: Protection 3, Sharpness 3, Fire Aspect Enabled, Strength 1 potions are enabled.
Classes: Miner is the only enabled class.

Features & Change Log:
★ Auto Tool Enchantments – Dependent on your rank your tools will automatically be enchanted.
★ Faction Vaults – Store up to 5 items in your /f vault which only a leader can access.
★ Player requirement to enter events is now removed.
★ Removed all “Bad” enchantments EG: Projectile Protection, Blast Protection etc.
★ Enchantment removal – You will be able to unenchant tools / armor similar to how you unenchant a book, by shift-clicking on an enchantment table.
★ Increased ores.
★ Events include: Conquest, End Palace & KOTHs.
★ 60 Second combat tag.
★ 16 Second Pearl Cooldown
★ The Gulag
★ 3 minute life cooldown.
And much more…

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday @ 3PM EST.
Trios HCF:
Mini will be concluding on Saturday @ 5PM EST.

SOTW: Sunday, May 31st @ 1PM EST
Key All’s: Sunday May 31st @ 2PM EST, 3PM EST, 4PM EST and 5PM EST.

Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1
Team Size: 3 Man
SOTW Timer: 2 Hours.
Classes: Archer, Bard, Rogue & Miner are enabled.

Features & Change Log:
★ The Gulag, fixed a lot of bugs related to deaths & item distribution.
★ /kit PvP will be available to all players after they’ve been on the server for 30 minutes.
★ Custom Enchantments.
★ Brewmasters are now working.
★ Pearling through string & fence gates enabled.
And a lot more bugfixes…

Introduction of the Reaper Rank:
Reaper rank is the new top rank for VeltPvP. This will be a global rank for all our gamemodes. There will be three ways to purchase the rank, a 30-day subscription, upgrading your rank or purchasing the permanent rank. View all the perks of the Reaper Rank @ store.veltpvp.com!

We look forward to seeing you this weekend for all our releases! Be sure to stay updated and join any giveaways we host in our socials below.

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