2 Kitmap Suggestions 2 [PLEASE TAKE CARE]

1- Put back old tokens system because, I and a lot of other people just log their friends or their alts to get a lot of vote crate keys and get free loot...
like this : https://gyazo.com/de492e24acd9920c63f59aa6184cebef and this https://gyazo.com/a63a1a30d5c1460e810513ecf5283382

2- Add Cashprize So known kitmap factions can play and add a lot of comp so get a lot of constant players

3-Add Citadels back with p4 sets and sharp4 fire2 citadel sword
like this ; https://gyazo.com/763dca028b8f2befb9f276d0640872ca

4- Please remove p3 diamond leggings and chesplate to the epic crates and add them in only tier3 koth crate or remove epic crate keys from tokens prize so the only way to get those keys is paying irl money like old kitmap maps..

5- Remove blast protection on some stuff like the koth sharp4s or koth fires sharp3s fire2 because getting hellforged books is pretty hard
like this : https://gyazo.com/1531e102f32c527f891e376106211c59 and this https://gyazo.com/7cb7133a057d95f30c9bad97a44ec82f

6- add back Diamond blades (sharp2 fire 2) in bounty crates

7- Put the wooden blades to sharpness7 like last maps because now its sharpness6
Like this : https://gyazo.com/cd10c4667f5f07bc3ea0af4fb2ef723e

8- And please remove slowness2 for 10 secs for archer abilities its too op

Staff Please take care of this post it takes me lot of time to find my old screens...
Upvote if your agree and write suggestions down bellow if you got some
Have a good day/night
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Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago
I disagree with most of this.. Kit map is already too OP and too P2W..
N0ZY  5 days, 16 hours ago
Everything here seems good except #4, can't have it be pay2win :)
cookieLovesRocky  3 weeks, 6 days ago
+1 good suggest
gflmao  4 weeks ago
Good suggestion
TelefoonCrash  1 month ago
125yz  1 month, 2 weeks ago