1 Risky HCF IS RECRUITING (Legions Power fac)
What we are looking for (We also play Viper, Faithful, Sage, Velt)
-NA Players (EU is fine)
-People who are experienced with tfs
-People that are active (6+ hours a day, (if you have a legit reason to be late to something you are fine)
-WE ARE LOOKING FOR (Diamonds,Bards,Archers, And rogues)
-We also need a basebitch
-NA or EU
-Doesn't Quickdrop (And I will 1v1 you, if you quickdrop you are automatically kicked)
-Must know how to teamfight
-If you have POVs you have a higher chance of joing (If not that's fine)
-Must know how to cap koths n shit.
DISCORD -https://discord.gg/8vFBHSg (TYPE %apply in #apply)
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