2 Kitmap needs overhaul
I think Ability items are a step in the right direction, just handled wrong. There are too many ability items, and they are free. That needs to be changed. They are very fun to use but its too much if they are free and can be used endlessly with minimal cooldown.. I also think Fac sizes need to be small. It is pointless to have 30-man facs where half the members are alts anyway and its like 1-2 power facs every map dominating. 3-10 mans and switching it up each map would be better and more competitive. I think Kitmap maps should last 2-3 weeks tops as well. Moving bases closer to spawn would be a good idea to make base-fighting easier and give people the ability to kite without having to run 1000+ blocks. Fire swords in donator kits need to be removed as well. Its WAY too easy to get a fire sword. I think giving donators other kit perks would be ideal other than sire swords. Even s2 would be better in my opinion so that you dont have to run around with a inv full of fire resistance just to PVP. In all, I think Kitmap just needs to be overhauled and changed. It needs more innovation. It also needs to maintain a balance to keep new players and default players interested and willing to come back and play and not be dominated by donators and power facs. I think making the fac sizes small, and moving bases closer to spawn helps that so people can escape being teamed on and not be getting 8v1'd every time you run out of spawn. Just my opinion and few suggestions.
Posted 1 year, 1 month ago
ignIce  1 year, 1 month ago
Don’t make facs smaller and don’t edit donator kits other than that +1
Safeshare  1 year ago