1 Evil Faction Recruitment
-Evil MASS Recruitment-


Recruiting NA & EU Timezones
Must have HCF experience
Experienced Leadership
Dedicated / Professional Faction


What do we offer:
» Organized and active Discord
» Advanced and professional leadership team
» Constant growing active roster
» Constant Fights

Who are we looking for:
» Advanced players with experience in every aspect
» Dedicated and active members
» Social and talkative players

Faction Requirements:
» Mature / Professional
» 13+ in age (Can have Exceptions)
» Teamfight Experience
» Constant Activity
» Decent Past Factions

Here's our Terms and Conditions:

• We keep the Name
• We keep the Discord
• Most roles will Transfer
• We keep main Ownership


:Go to #apply to tryout!

Posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago
TaliaMar  5 months, 2 weeks ago