4 Kitmap killstreaks
I am here today to probably talk for a lot of people the new killstreaks are trash u have removed speed invis and fres making it annoying to kite or u either get focused. Also the killstreaks now don’t reward people who work there asses of as I have a 160 ks ye I don’t get anything anymore and I don’t wanna die because of my stats. Personally I think you should bring back the old killstreaks thanks for taking the time out of ur day for reading this and I hope u get where I am coming from
Posted 10 months ago
+1 if u agree
ForgotU  10 months ago
+1 i agree
skinnies  10 months ago
+1 i agree
Maigov  10 months ago
+1 i agree,
pwnedbybarry  10 months ago