6 kitmap suggestions
-add rouge in koth loot
-make crates(dia crates. bard crates) p2 or higher. p1 armor from bounty keys makes bounty keys have less value and the proj prot is not useful
-make end koth a tier 3 koth key drop change 50%. 50% Tier 2 Key 50% Tier 3 Key, end koth can be dumb to cap and easy to cap
-make sky koth bridge more lengthy , because if you fall off sky currently in the standard diamond kit you take like 5 hearts of damage and its not risky at all to sky bridge pvp
-add punch bows in challenge crates as the rarest reward or just put in somewhere so it is obtainable(i really miss punch bowing) maybe to balance it make the dura low or disable putting unbreaking 3 on it
-make overworld koths farther away, so people cant come back as easily after getting killed
-add an advertising rule so people dont flood the chat with their youtube videos and streams. Br0 is too blame for that one lOL

Posted 1 year ago
yeaXD  1 year ago
-1 Punch bows are dumb if your getting chased your ahead they just punch bow up
Splashers  1 year ago
thats why theyre rare and they are out playable
sueperben  1 year ago
I agree with most of these suggestions I miss punch bows too +1
CreativeHawk  1 year ago