2 MediumHCF SOTW (Saturday 1PM EST)
We've revamped lootboxes (again) with some new exclusive items this weekend - In a lootbox you will be guaranteed 4 random items, 1 jackpot prize and a guaranteed prize.

SOTW Information

MediumHCF will be releasing Saturday, October 5th @ 1PM EST.
• Faction Size: 8 Man
• Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1
• SOTW Timer: There will be a 2 hour SOTW timer.
• Kit Cooldown: All purchasable kits will be unusable for the first 15 minutes a player joins the server.

Features for MediumHCF & Changes:
• Crapples & Gopples crafting disabled
• Gopple cooldown has been increased to 12 hours.
• DTR Freeze will be 30 minutes
• Events; KOTH's, Citadel
• All crates have been slightly modified
• Player Divisions
• Bard effect, Invisibility, no longer passive and only a clickable effect
• Added a new shop system, you can now run the command /shop in warzone, safezones and in your own faction territory
• Invisibility is now no longer usable in combat, It will act like "Lesser Invis". You will still be able to use invisibility to Invis raid, however, you will be unable to use it in combat.

We'll also be having a KitMap & HCF Update out soon!
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Guys like this so he will see it ; MY GOD PLS JUST RESET THE KITMAP
L0L_Reborn  10 months ago
when is the 4000 dollar tourney?!?
Nerize  9 months, 4 weeks ago
omg im wet
LolipopGamer54  10 months ago
oh yes release the new less pay to win server and then do this to just kill it
wahiz  10 months ago
You said that the kitmap update would be “soon” weeks ago. Reset it ffs
OkBae  10 months ago