16 VeltPvP - Season 3
Practice Season 3 Release

With season 3 our goal is to revamp Velt's practice and engage with the community far more than we have in the past.

New Additions to Practice for Season 3:
• PotSG
• UHC Meetup
• Skywars
• Brackets
• Sumo

• Bridges
• HCF Archer 1v1's

Practice What you Preach Tournament:
More information about the $4000 2v2 tournament will be released later.

Prize Pool:
• 1st place: $2000
• 2nd place: $1000
• 3rd place: $500
• A lucky spectator will have the chance to win $500

High Noon Duels
To read more information about

VIP Status:
VIP Status is a new status we’ve introduced which will grant players brand new perks across all our servers. This status is a monthly subscription and there will be no way to permanently purchase it.
Here are the features you will be granted as a VIP Status member:

Hub Perks:
• Cosmetics, armor particles and much more!
• 1 Free Prefix every month of renewal
• Access to hub-restricted
• Gold & Bold VIP name next to the top of their head

HCF Perks:
• Additional 2 keys added to current reclaim
• Increased Queue Priority +.5 (If I'm Suprive I'll queue higher than regular Suprive players but not above Juggernaut)
• Players drop their skulls/heads when killed by a VIP Status Player

Practice Perks:
• Ability to fly around and are visible to other players in practice spawn
• 1 Elo reset token on practice
• Access to 3 Highnoon Tickets (Upon every subscription)

KitMap Perks:
• 1/2 your Kit Cooldowns
• 35% money multiplier KitMap after killing a player
• Reduced Token AFK time

Website Perks: (coming soon)
• Ability to personalize website profile
• Special page dedicated to displaying all VIP Status members

Future Additions for Practice:
• Squads. This system will allow players to create and manage "Squads" on the server and invite their friends! You will have a network wide squads chat you can use. In the future this will be manageable through our website.
• Combo will return in the future
• A revamped version of bunkers will be added to our Events

All punishments will be wiped Thursday at 11:59PM EST
Last edited 11 months ago
Posted 11 months ago
please dont do the VIP thing that's gonna ruin the fun for velt+s on sotws
sizzlers  11 months ago
'Punishments will be reset' does that include blacklists?
FETTYLUCIANO  11 months ago
Staff are literally on a banning spree and your just gonna wipe it... good lord
Untire  11 months ago
shut up loser
FETTYLUCIANO  11 months ago
When's the new HCF server coming out
onetapsu  11 months ago
So your telling me im Velt+ which costs $175 and I cant /host for tournaments ok
Jospat  10 months, 4 weeks ago
VIP should equal velt+, not go higher pls
MedicalStudent  11 months ago
how much is vip gonna be?
PapiFelix  11 months ago
Hell YA
Uniqueness  11 months ago
ignIce  11 months ago
Will normal leaderboard players be rewarded anything?
11Blocking  11 months ago
Looks amazing! good work!
globalgoals  11 months ago
unban me
Declassify  11 months ago
ephyn  11 months ago
Fuck yes.
BerserkUAV  11 months ago