KITMAP Release! SOTW Friday @ 4PM EST!
Joakim posted 1 day, 4 hours ago

Hello fellow Kitmap Players!

Welcome to our KitMap update! A lot of work has gone into this map on all ends of KitMap, from server features to builds on the map. We hope you enjoy all of the new features and builds. In this post, we’ll be going over the release date, new features and general updates we’ve made to make gameplay a lot smoother.

EOTW: Thursday, July 2nd @ 5PM EST
➤ Winner will receive a Rank Upgrade!

SOTW: Friday, July 3rd @ 4PM EST

There will be 4 Key All’s following the release of KitMap that will occur at:
• 4:30 PM EST
• 5:00 PM EST
• 5:30 PM EST
• 6:00 PM EST.

Faction Size: 15 Man Teams
Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1
SOTW Timer: 1 Hour
Classes: Archer, Bard, Rogue & Miner are enabled
Claim Border: 500 Blocks

Archer Upgrades:
★ Python (25 Kills) - Your arrows have a chance to give an enemy Poison for 5 seconds
★ Medusa (50 Kills) - Your arrows have a chance to give an enemy Slowness for 10 seconds
★ Hades (75 Kills) - Your arrows have a chance to set an enemy on Fire (This fire will bypass fire resistance)
★ Apollo (100 Kills) - Your arrows have a chance to give an enemy Nausea for 10 seconds
★ Zeus (150 Kills) - Your arrows have a chance to send an enemy flying (roughly 3-6 blocks up)
★ Aergia (200 Kills) - Your arrows have a chance to give an enemy Mining Fatigue for 10 seconds
★ Venus (250 Kills) - Your arrows have an extremely low chance to remove an enemies helmet

Battle Pass:
We’re adding a brand new system known as the Battle Pass, this will replace the current challenge system we offer. There are 13 Free Tiers of challenges for this first map with loads of rewards. All players have access to these 13 Free Tiers.
We also have VIP Tiers made just for players with VIP Status. To have access to the VIP Battle Pass Tiers you will be required to be a VIP Status player (Which you can purchase off Here you can win do challenges and receive loads of different rewards.
To open this menu, type the following command:

Kitmap Cosmetics:
We’ve added player Cosmetics to KitMap! VIP status players will now have access to particles and gadgets that are only usable/displayable within Spawn.
You can also obtain particles and gadgets through our Battle Pass!

A new use for money! Raffles will happen every 60 minutes on KitMap and allow players to pay a fee for a chance to be entered to win a special prize. We recently fixed the issue where the same player can join the raffle more than once. This is now limited to 1.

A brand new feature to get exclusive/rare items but sells these items at limited stock. Announcements are made in chat informing players when and what is restocked in the Blackmarket and how many of the items are up for sale. The Blackmarket holds a variety of items, ranging from Potion Refill Tokens to vote keys to P2 armor. Make sure to check regularly to see what is in stock! Tokens are the currency used by the Blackmarket.

Trial Rank Crate:
This brand new crate will give you a temporary rank These ranks will be limited to Kitmap. You can get Trial Rank Crate Keys from our brand new Battle Pass system which you can read about above.

Weekly balance reviews:
We will go over feedback from players every Sunday and make the appropriate changes to balance out the map. We are doing this because it gives us the opportunity to try new concepts without ruining the entirety of the map. Feel free to give us feedback in our Discord:

★ New killstreaks
★ New bounty rewards
★ New Trial Rank Crate
★ New Battle Pass system
★ New ways to earn Tokens
★ Brand new terrain & builds
★ Changes to the Blackmarket
★ Changes to the Raffle system
★ Fixed a lot of bugs with coinflips
★ Removed Weaponry & Armory Crate
★ Ability cooldowns now display on your scoreboard
★ VIP Status players now receive a 35% money bonus on kills
★ VIP Status players have a 50% cooldown reduction on Donator Kits
★ Holograms will be displayed at Spawn with the F Top, Highest Kills & Most Deaths

Be sure to stay updated and join any giveaways we host in our socials below:
Join our Discord:
Join our Telegram:
Follow our Twitter:
Visit our Store:

We hope you’re happy with all these changes and look forward to seeing you on Friday at 4PM EST!

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The Summer Update
Aabis posted 1 month, 1 week ago

Greetings all,
Welcome to Velt’s Summer Update! We’ve got a lot packed in for this weekend's releases - a lot of these ideas have been planned over the past couple of months. There’s a lot in store for all of our gamemodes and we’re so excited for you all to experience them this weekend. Be sure to actively check all of our socials (Twitter, Telegram & Discord) for updates and giveaways, we’ll be hosting a lot on all of our platforms! Without further ado, here is everything regarding our VeltPvP’s Summer Update.

Our Trailer:
Be sure to check out our Trailer and enter the Twitter giveaway.
Want to earn some rewards? Reupload our trailer for the chance to win rewards such as ranks or store vouchers.

★ All Punishments (with the exceptions of chargebacks & blacklists) will be reset this Thursday @ 11:59 PM EST.

★ KitMap releases on Friday, 22nd May at 3 PM EST, read all about the KitMap Update here
★ Practice releases on Friday, 22nd May at 4 PM EST, read all about the Practice Update here

★ UHCF releases this Saturday, 23rd May at 3 PM EST, read all about the new gamemode UHCF here
★ MiniHCF releases this Sunday, 24th May at 1 PM EST, read all about MiniHCF’s updates here

Introduction of the Reaper Rank:
Reaper rank is the new top rank for VeltPvP. This will be a global rank for all our gamemodes and will require you to have Velt+ to be able to purchase. There will be three ways to purchase the rank, a 30-day subscription, upgrading your rank or purchasing the permanent rank. View all the perks of the Reaper Rank @! The package will become available for purchase on Thursday @ 11:59PM EST.

Join our Discord:
Join our Telegram:
Follow our Twitter:

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Network Update
lKOS posted 3 months, 1 week ago

Hey everyone!
I know we've been very quiet in regards to updates for Velt. The reason for this is our team decided to take a small break in the month of January to recharge our batteries.

Since then we've planned out a lot of updates for Velt and done a lot of internal restructuring. For example, we've brought on a ton of new developers to ensure updates will be rolled out actively. This will be the first of many updates to come over the next few months.

Now here's all the information regarding the return of our HCF & KitMap updates for Velt (Information regarding Practice will be addressed soon)


Release Dates:
KitMap EOTW will be Wednesday 25th @ 5PM EST.
KitMap SOTW will be Thursday 26th @ 1PM EST.

Mini SOTW will be Thursday 26th @ 3PM EST.

Map Information:

• 20 Man Factions
• F Top Reward (1st = $100 PayPal, 2nd = $50 Buycraft, 3rd = $25 Buycraft)
• Citadel & KOTHs
• Bard, Archer & Rogue
• Custom Enchants

• 5 Man Factions
• Citadel & KOTHs
• Bard, Archer & Rogue
• Custom Enchants

All Punishments will be reset Wednesday 25th @ 11:59PM EST.
KitMap Updates
We've taken a lot of community input for this upcoming KitMap Map and hope you're happy with the changes made.

General updates:
• There will be a $100 PayPal F Top Prize, F Top 2 will receive a $50 Buycraft Voucher & F Top 3 will receive a $25 Buycraft Voucher.
• Strike & Attack dogs have been removed as killstreaks. This change was made to balance gameplay as we noticed the Killstreaks were not very gameplay friendly.
• Custom Enchants rarity has been increased.
• Citadels will be actively hosted throughout the week.
• Brand new Killstreaks

Faction Top Rework:
We've heard your complaints about the past few KitMap's and we've gone ahead and reworked both the F Top & F Upgrades. You'll be able to view the F Upgrades in-game.

Token Shop:
The Token shop can be easily accessed through /token shop. You can purchase the following things; Crate Keys, Items or Lootboxes. This will help you get donator items without having to spend your actual money.

Revamped Kit Editor:
The Kit Editor we had in place in the past was very outdated and trash. So we went ahead and completely revamped it. There will now be a sign at Spawn you can use to edit your kits!

HCF Updates
We've decided to change up a lot for HCF introducing lots of new features as well as revisiting our HCF and reworking features / aspects of it to improve player experience.

We're aware a lot of people do not enjoy spending time to brew for hours. That is why we're introducing BREWMASTERS. Brewmasters are there to make getting your potions easier and much faster.

Here's a quick video of how they work!

At long last, we've finally added Outposts! This is a new event which is contestable 24/7 and gives great benefits to whoever is controlling it. We hope you enjoy this event

There are two Outposts, Nether & End.Each has their rewards which will be listed below:

End Outpost Rewards:
• Passive Speed 2 in all worlds
• Mob spawning within own claim increased by 2x
• $250 added to faction balance every 10 minutes you control it
• Reduced DTR freeze (5 minutes less)
• 1 Outpost Key on capture (to the highest-ranking faction member)

Nether Outpost Rewards:
• Passive Fire Resistance in all worlds
• Passive saturation (Effect that makes it so you don't have to eat)
• 3x XP Drops
• Reduced DTR freeze (5 minutes less)
• 1 Outpost Key on capture (to the highest-ranking faction member

Here's how capturing the event works;
• If Faction A has control of Outpost they will be @ 100% capture status.
• If Faction B attempts to capture the same outpost that Faction A controls, then they will have to 'break' Faction A's Capture %. Faction B will have to get the capzone down to 0% capture status. This 'breaks' the cap and makes it an uncontested outpost. Faction B then has to capture to 100% to secure the outpost.
• NOTE: If Faction A & Faction B are on the capzone at the same time then the capture progress/breakage is paused until only one faction is on the capzone.
• NOTE: You can only control ONE outpost at a time.

F Top Update:
The F Top on HCF & KitMap will now have an NPC based leaderboard displayed at Spawn. The top 3 Factions on F Top will be displayed at Spawn.
We've also revamped how F Top Points are distributed on HCF. We've kept it fairly simple and easy.

- Every kill you get in Overworld = 1 point
- Every kill you get in End = 2 points
- Every kill you get in Nether = 3 points
- Capturing an overworld KOTH gives 50 points
- Capturing an end KOTH gives 60 points
- Capturing a nether KOTH gives 75 points
- Controlling an outpost gives you 15 points every hour
- Capturing a citadel gives 150 points
Special Features
- If you make a faction radiable you will get 25% of their points

We will work around with these values if need be, however, we hope these are perfect for us.

Daily Challenges:
We've added Daily challenges to HCF! These will reward you with Tokens, a new currency which you can use to purchase things such as crate Keys read below to learn more.

Token Shop:
The Token shop can be easily accessed through /token shop. You can purchase the following things; Crate Keys, Items or Lootboxes. This will help you get donator items without having to spend your actual money.

Class Updates:
Archer & Bard on HCF has received a minor update.

Bard will now give chat messages (To the bard) on how many teammates/enemies are affected by their clickable effects.
Archer now has energy which functions similar to Bard. Archers can give themselves the following effects:
• Resistance 2 (45 Energy)
• Speed 4 (35 Energy)
• Jump Boost (30 Energy)

Event Loot:
We noticed the Event loot on both HCF & KitMap was a bit stale (and pretty boring/limited). So we went ahead and revamped the way the system works. There will now be 3 Event Loot Chests, Tier 1 - 3. You'll get a Tier 1 Key from Capturing Overworld Events, Tier 2 Key from capturing End Events & A Tier 3 Key from capturing Nether Events.

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Joakim posted 5 months ago

Hello KitMap players!
🚨 We're resetting our KITMAP this Friday @ 5PM EST! 🚨

Heres a quick list of just some of the new features:
• Reworked & gameplay friendly Abilities
• Custom Enchantments
• Custom Enchants Crate
• Ability Crate
• Epic Crate
• Coinflips

KitMap SOTW will be this Friday, January 31st @ 5 PM EST!

General Information:
• Faction Size: 30 Man
• Classes Enabled: Miner, Builder, Bard, Archer, Rogue
• Reverted to PvP oriented Nether, making combat much easier
• Daily Challenges
• Faction Upgrades

There will be an announcement about Practice very soon!

Some final notes, we plan on utilizing our Discord far more for you guys to get updates & will be making more in-depth forum posts for our releases to highlight changes we've made.

If you have any suggestions/features you'd like to see added be sure to comment them below!

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Joakim posted 5 months, 1 week ago

Updates regarding HCF & the rest of the network will be released soon. Any suggestions are much appreciated :)

🚨 QuadsHCF will release this Sunday, January 26th @ 1PM EST 🚨

• Faction Size: 4 Man Factions ⚔️
• Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1
• No Allies 🚫
• SOTW Timer: 2-hour SOTW timer.
• Custom Enchantments 📚

Features for QUADS & Changes:
• 4 Man Factions.
• Abilities.
• New January & 2020 Crate.
• Crapples & Gopples crafting disabled.
• Gopple cooldown has been increased to 12 hours.
• DTR Freeze set at 15 minutes.
• KOTH events.
• Player Divisions.
• Pearling through string and open fence gates is enabled.

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