VeltPvP Creator Codes
Joakim posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Hey everyone! Welcome to today’s announcement!
This project has been in the works for a few months now and we are so excited to share it with everyone! This project is called Velt Creator Codes!
Creator Codes are seen in many games, however, we have brought them to Velt! This allows us to help support our content creators both big and small as well as help players support these creators. We have more projects like this in the works but with that being said, let’s go over how you can benefit from this feature!

A full video going over how this system works can be found via:

These creator codes include our Partners but also content creators who aren’t currently affiliated with velt. Being able to create these codes entails no contracts and no non competes. You can record and create content across multiple platforms and servers without penalty. This way you are not locked in to just our target audience and this helps grow your channel in other markets as well as our server.
It’s a win, win, win. The Players receive a discount for supporting your channel and our creators get paid when players help support our network. We have found great success in working closer with the community and this is yet another way we are striving to fulfill this vision.

If you are a Velt player who watches content creators, you will likely be informed about their specific codes through some sort of video or community post. Once you have this code, then any time you make a purchase on the Velt store, you can enter it as a coupon to get 10% of any purchase. This also directly supports the content creator so everyone wins!

Now for those of you interested in creating your own code, there is an application process you must go through. To get access to the panel, you need to go to the support section of the velt webpage and create a ticket. There, you need to select “Creators Application” and fill out the info accordingly. As stated on the site, you need an average of 500 views to be able to sign up for this. These numbers are subject to change at any point, so make sure to check back to see if the requirement has been modified. These applications will be manually reviewed and we will reach out to you to finalize the permissions if you pass!
Head over to

This system benefits the players, content creators and Velt, making it a win win win. We are excited to help engage our community and support those who create content on Velt, even if they aren’t a Youtuber with a large following. If you have any questions, join our discord and we would be glad to answer any questions you might have!

This creator code system is live now so if you are interested, head over to our forums to apply. We are so excited to release this project and help further support our community as we head into 2021. We have other cool projects like this coming out in the near future so stay tuned! With that being said, make sure to subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with all content being released in 2021!

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Velt | Squads SOTW this Friday @ 4PM EST (Arcane Styled HCF)
Joakim posted 1 month ago

Hey everyone! 💜
Introducing Velt Squads - Arcane styled HCF.
We have received a lot of requests to run a map similar to how we ran Arcane Squads, so that is exactly what we are doing!
Bringing back some old builds, styles, and terrain to give you the best possible experience. Our goal is to release everything that you want, so feel free to reach out and give feedback!

★ Squads SOTW is this Friday, December 18th @ 4PM EST!

Map Information:
• Team Size: 12 Man, No Allies
• Map Kit: Protection 2, Sharpness 2
• 1 Hour Starting Timer
• Map Length: 2 Weeks
• Events: KOTH, Citadel, Tournaments & more
• Classes: Archer, Bard, Rogue & Miner are enabled

★ Ranks:
The only rank on Squads currently is Soldier, along with our global Reaper rank which will receive Soldier perks.
Soldier will come with a reclaim giving you 3 Soldier Keys & 2 Friend Lives. It will also play a role in the deathban system which is covered down below.

★ Crates:
There will only be two crates for this first map. The Soldier crate, which is exclusive to Soldier reclaim and similar to Arcane's Bronze crate with a few minor changes.
The second crate is the seasonal Winter crate, which is a modified variant of the Gold crate from Arcane and is only obtainable through the store at a price of $5.49 for a set of 3.

★ New Team Deathbans:
We are running a modified deathban system on Squads. These deathbans are called “Team Deathbans” and will function in a unique manner. The default deathban is 10 minutes with each death of a team member increasing the deathban by 3 minutes. If you are not in a faction, your deathban will be 30 minutes.

Let’s give an example. Acrolect and I are in a faction. He quickdrops first and is deathbanned for 10 minutes. I follow shortly after and am deathbanned for 13 minutes.

Ranks also have a factor in deathban duration. Each rank that is online in your faction reduces the total deathban of your entire faction. Starting out, Soldier rank will offer a 5% reduction with a limit of 50%.

Let’s have another example. Joakim, Acrolect and I are in a faction and both Joakim and I have Soldier rank. This means that there is a 10% deathban reduction when Acrolect quickdrops, giving him a 9 minute deathban instead of a 10.

These deathbans reset daily and are our first attempt at a more team oriented feature set that we are interested in seeing the communities response to. If you have suggestions or feedback on this system, please join our discord as we always like to hear what players think.

★ Faction Focus:
Added /f focus (faction name) - this will the name change color of entire faction.
You can unfocus the faction via /f unfocus (faction name).

If you have any suggestions/features you'd like to see added be sure to comment them below!

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VeltPvP 1.1 Winter Update 💥
Joakim posted 1 month, 1 week ago

Hey everyone!
Welcome to the VeltPvP 1.1 Winter Update!
We are now proud to announce our 1.1 update. A lot of work has been put in to every aspect of the network, ranging from HCF, builds, and general updates.
We really hope all of you will enjoy what we've created as much as we do!
In this post, we'll give you a detailed post going over all new additions to our server.

★ Here's the separate post regarding our MiniHCF release this Saturday, December 12th @ 1PM EST!

★ Check out our Giveaway that includes Reaper ranks, Velt ranks, and a Lunar Client Cloak!

★ Check out our Developer Log going over our upcoming changes!

★ Reworked Ranks:
We are combining our lowest four ranks into Sapphire, reducing our overall rank count from 8 to 5 which is much easier to balance. We are also renaming Pearl to Emerald to make a more consistent naming scheme. As mentioned, we are also reworking the prices which should be on screen now.
We understand that this is likely to upset some players, however this is a change we have needed to make for a while. Ranks are also receiving a few buffs either in more keys or other things which will be covered later in the video.

★ Reaper Rank:
To start out, we are replacing our purchasable VIP status with Reaper Rank. Meaning the only way to obtain VIP by itself is from crates and in game events going forward. Reaper rank itself will cost the same as VIP at 15 USD a month with a sale marking it as 10 USD at launch.
The perks Reaper gets are as follows: VIP Status on all servers, Velt+ reclaim and deathban on HCF. It will also get the top rank we have on Legions and our new Squads server. This means Reaper will act as the top rank on any server you play on no matter what the rank is. If we release a new legions rank, Reaper automatically will act as that rank.

★ Reclaims:
We are revamping Reclaims entirely. As you might have noticed in the trailer, Reclaims are now bound to a daily GUI. Before I explain the mechanic, let’s explain why. Reclaims gave players insane amounts of loot at the beginning of the map, leading to instances where people ran out of wood to build a base so people used diamond blocks instead as a building material. We also realized this meant that since you claimed all your loot at once, if you went raidable, you were done for the map.
This new system does require daily login to get the full value of the reclaim, however this means you are able to setup multiple times throughout the map and can get rare loot daily to help you play rather than lose it all at once by going raidable.
Your reclaim itself will be balanced by giving you a lot of keys on Saturday and Sunday, while decreasing the amount mid week and giving you more keys on Thursday and Friday letting players rebuild and play near the end of the week and participate in EOTW as well.

★ Map Kit:
Now that downgrade sounds bad… however we are also upping the map kit to P2. We feel that P2 has been common enough via the Smither which we released a while ago with this change as a long term goal. This means that P3 will exist, but currently only from Citadel Tier 3 KOTH loot. The smither will not be able to upgrade P2 into P3 for the time being as we explore the balance impact of this change, however this gives us more room in the future for releasing new content based around enchantments so it is something we are excited to try out.
The team has been hard at work to get this release finished and there is even more coming to the network these next few months. We understand that there are a lot of changes and if you have any questions, we would be more than happy to answer them in our discord.

We have entirely revamped KOTH loot, making the loot stronger and more rewarding for obtaining. We have also added unique ability items to KOTH loot to increase the KOTH’s value.
The first ability item is the Citadel Lootbox. This is ONLY obtainable from winning one of our HCF Citadels. This Lootbox is a Chargeable which generates one charge every 24 hours and can only hold one charge. To claim the charge, simply right click once and then again to confirm. This will give you a random item out of the Tier 3 KOTH loot, giving our Citadel’s long term value.
We are also adding our reworked Kangaroo to the Tier 3 KOTH loot. This kangaroo has been changed to only work vertically. It will reset all horizontal momentum and launch you straight upwards making it a decent tool to escape trapping. You also won’t take fall damage from this so use that as you will.
The final ability item to be added to KOTH loot is the Snow Globe. This is a Chargeable that generates one charge every hour and can hold a maximum of 3 charges at once. Using these charges will give you a few Switcher balls, making this a source of switcher balls throughout the map.

★ Reaper Claus:
We are also adding a Kitmap like system to our HCF servers through the addition of Souls. These are obtained every time a player gets a kill with the obvious kill boosting checks. These souls are a unique currency that can be spent at the Reaper Claus NPC.
Reaper Claus is only here for the holidays and has a few unique things for you to buy from him. The first is to get a random item for 3 souls, ranging from kit tokens, to partner items to crate keys. The second item is called Reaper’s Grace and acts as a small revive.
Reaper’s Grace costs 5 souls, and is usable ONCE per map. This will give you back a random weapon, all potions and your armor from your last death. This means if you die with your god set, you aren’t completely back to square one. Any item above map kit however will be lowered down.

★ Supply Drops:
We are adding a new mechanic to HCF called Supply Drops. These supply drops will randomly spawn in the war zone and fall from the sky a bit after broadcasting an announcement. These supply drops work in a really unique way that we are extremely proud of.
Supply Drops are tier based. These Tiers will upgrade over time automatically with 3 tiers being there at launch. To claim a Supply Drop, you simply have to hold right click on the supply drop. Sounds easy enough right? Well for those of you who hoped so, you ACTUALLY have to hold it for 5 seconds without moving, being hit, or having someone walk in front of you. This means there will need to be unique strategies to claim these supply drops.
Supply Drops have things ranging from brewmasters, to partner keys, legend kit tokens and you guessed it, more ability items.
These supply drops introduce two new ability items: Portable Brewmaster and Mini End.
The portable brewmaster will generate a charge every 10 minutes for a max of 5 charges. Claiming these charges will give players various potions ranging from poison, health to fire resistance.
The Mini End will generate a charge every 5 minutes for a max of 5 charges. Claiming these will give you items ranging from obsidian, to ender pearls, to even fast pearls.
We will be listening to feedback on this system and the loot so if you have any suggestions, make sure to share them with us.

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Practice Season 3 this Friday @ 4PM EST (Brand New Features)
Joakim posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Greetings all,
Welcome to Practice Season 3! We have some brand new features in store for you!
• Season 3 begins this Friday @ 4PM EST.

• Season 2 ends Today (Wednesday) @ 7PM EST.

Changes and Feature List for Practice Season 3:

★ Redesigned Practice Hotbar - We’ve consolidated most buttons into two. You now have your “Profile” button, where you can gain access to cosmetics, the kit editor and your statistics. You may also notice you only have one sword now as well. This is now called the Play button. Opening this will bring up a menu giving you access to fight unranked, ranked, or bot matches. There is also a new button known as the Duel Board.

★ Duel Board - This will be an additional option available once you right click the Play button which makes it easier for players who enjoy kb selection and underplayed kit types to find matches. It'll work as follows:

When you select the "Duel Board" option via the Play button mentioned above, you will now have the ability to create your own custom duel configuration (editing kb type, kit type and potion speed) by selecting the Duels option under the "Play" button. Once created, players will be able to head to the Duel Board and left click on your player head.

This will result in them sending a duel to you with the duel config you had just created. Your config doesn't get removed after each duel, the only time it will be deleted is when you either log out, or manually delete it via the menu.

This makes it so people can duel you repeatedly with ease, without you having to spam "duel me in X kit with Y kb" for example. It also gives players extra opportunities to duel one another with kits that typically aren't as common e.g Archer or Parkour.

★ Elo Divisions - There are currently 5 elo divisions, being Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald. The requirements to reach each ELO Division in order are as follows:

Bronze: 1000 ELO
Silver: 1200 ELO
Gold: 1400 ELO
DIamond: 1600 ELO
Emerald: 1800 ELO

Your elo division will be shown on the scoreboard along with being displayed above your name when playing a ranked match (whilst on Lunar). If you wish to disable the elo division above a player’s head, go to your /settings menu to disable it!

★ A Developer Log going over all of our new features, check it out!

If you have any suggestions/features you'd like to see added be sure to comment them below!

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Velt | Quads SOTW this Saturday @ 1PM EST!
Joakim posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Hey Everyone!

We have added some brand new HCF features, specifically Ability / Partner items! Read below for more details.
We have also recently partnered with Lunar Client! This allows us to add different features for players that are on Lunar Client, and this is what we've done!
We highly value your feedback and we'd love to hear your thoughts, concerns & suggestions down below 👇
Now onto this week:

★ Mini EOTW is this Friday, November 27th @ 5PM EST!
➥ Capper will receive a Rank Upgrade for 7 days!
➥ Faction members will receive VIP Status for 7 days!

★ Quads SOTW is this Saturday, November 28th @ 1PM EST!

Map Information:
• Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1
• Team Size: 4 Man, No Allies
• SOTW Timer: 2 Hours
• Classes: Archer, Bard, Rogue & Miner are enabled.
• Custom Enchantments

★ Events on Saturday, November 28th:
• 1:30PM EST - Key All
• 2:00PM EST - Key All
• 2:30PM EST - Key All
• 2:55PM EST - Key All
• 3:00PM EST - First KOTH
• 4:00PM EST - First Faction Tournament

★ Added Faction Focus:
Added /f focus (faction name) - this will the name change color of entire faction.
You can unfocus the faction via /f unfocus (faction name).

If you have any suggestions/features you'd like to see added be sure to comment them below!

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